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Повышение потенции. Улучшение эрекции. Маджик Стафф Форте

Improve sexual function, erection, and extend the duration of sexual intercourse with Magic Staff Forte

“Magic Staff Forte" – only organic compounds, natural ingredients!

Velvet antlers powder (extract of cartilaginous parts of sika deer prickets) – 100 mg

Pharmaceutical designation: Cornu Cervi Pantocrichum

Virilis Application mixture:

Cordyceps extract (microorganism; germ culture extract) – 180 mg

Pharmaceutical designation: Cordyseps sinensis

Gojiberry extract – 64 mg

Pharmaceutical designation: Fructus Lycii (Lycium barbarum)

Coix seeds extract – 45 mg

Pharmaceutical designation: Coix Lachryma jobi

Royal gelly extract – 11 mg

Cost of 1 pack containing 4 capsules - $52 (40) (additionally charged EMS international mail delivery ) buy

Magic Staff Forte – pack of 4 capsules. Effect of one capsule lasts for 3 days in case of a single application. Take 4-5 hours before sexual intercourse. Course application (5 packs): 1-2 capsules once in three days (taken at the beginning of a day). Normalization of erection will be fixed for a long period (8-12 months). One capsule of the product prevents premature ejaculation, thus extending the duration of sexual intercourse! Course application of the product enables a man to shorten the minimum recovery period need for the next sexual intercourse! Magic Staff Forte was clinically tested in different medical institutions on Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The product is being successfully used by medical practitioners in these countries.

Approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. Report № 05.03.02-03/27233 of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise dated March 24, 2011

Magic Staff Forte is one of the best products for improvement of sexual function! What are its advantages in comparison to other similar products? This dietary supplement has prophylactic and curative effect. If a man wants to be sexually active (perfect example shall be 5 days of sexual activity in a week), then he needs to take 5 tablets (capsules) of any drug for sexual function improvement. Thus, a man can take up to 20 tablets (capsules) of the drug for a period of a month. In this case average price of the course shall be approximately UAH 2000. What next?! Next month a repeated course shall be required! This product may be taken in a course manner as well as in single application manner, and this is a definite advantage of Magic Staff Forte. You don’t have to take in right before sexual intercourse. This fact proves the natural origin of the product. Take Magic Staff Forte 4-6 hours before the intercourse in case of a single application, or at the beginning of the day in case of course application. Dosage: 1-2 capsules of Magic Staff Forte once in 3 days. Thus, in a perfect case described above a man will use the same 20 capsules of the product. Please note, that after having taken a course of Magic Staff Forte a man will feel that he doesn’t need drugs for sexual function improvement any more. He will live a full healthy sexual life for a long period! Magic Staff Forte extends the duration of sexual intercourse (it has prolonged effect)! The product gives general strengthening and slight tonic effect, thus giving strength for another intercourse. Throughout the whole its duration, the effect of the product shall manifest itself depending on sexual desire or sexual stimulation. Thus, no pathologic erection (priapism) occurs. Magic Staff Forte ensures steady erection and causes strong sexual arousal (improves libido).

Basic possible effects:

Ensures steady erection.

Causes sexual arousal (libido).

Extends duration of sexual intercourse.

Shortens «recovery» period between sexual intercourses.

Prevents premature ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox).

Gives general strengthening and slight tonic effect.

Has antidepressant action.


Recommended course of administration – 1-2 capsules every 3 days –5 packs of the product (20 capsules) in total. Subsequently, maintaining dose shall be chosen on case-by-case basisapproximately 1-2 capsules every 3 - 4 days. This product for sexual function improvement does not build up a tolerance.

Men who don’t have problems with erection may also take Magic Staff Forte, because this product will help improve sexual function. Besides, the product has other advantages: it increases stamina and strength, thus extending duration of sexual intercourse, it extends the spectrum of sex sensations and gives strength for another intercourse.

Magic Staff Forte is health safe and compatible with alcohol. This product has no side effects. Idiosyncrasy is the only contraindication.

If you use Magic Staff Forte in a course manner, natural size and hardness of penis shall be renewed.

Magic Staff Forte is not a medicinal product. Doctor’s consultation is required before using the product!